Our Trucks "FIX" your Trucks!

AMPM Road Service offers truck & trailer repair 24/7.


AMPM offers full-service mobile Truck & Trailer Repair service to Atlanta & Memphis greater areas. Please call us today to schedule your service call, we are available 24/7.

When you see commercial trucks & trailers they may seem to be indestructible on the road, but they fall victim to breakdowns, malfunctions, and need maintenance also. AMPM Road Service offers the full service needed to keep your trucks running smoothly. No matter if you have broken down on side of the road or interstate, AM/PM is there for mobile service to get you going in a timely fashion. We offer a 24/7 mobile truck & trailer repair service for the Georgia & Memphis greater area.



“Our Trucks FIX Your Trucks!”


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What We Offer

AMPM Roadservice is a premier mobile truck & trailer repair service provider that serves Atlanta, Memphis, Charlotte, Nashville, and Birmingham. We have dispatchers on call 24/7 to get your trucks back on road with a 96% repair & roll rate.
AM/PM Road Service is a dedicated Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair Service that provides Fast Emergency Truck repair to the transportation and trucking industry. AM/PM Truck Repair was established in 1999 with the principal policy to never leave a truck driver stranded. Our Mobile Truck Repair Technicians are experienced and committed to getting truck drivers back on the road.
The Culture of AMPM Road Service is simple. We strive to be better than our competition by providing fast, friendly, and professional truck & trailer repair service to our clients. AMPM has a work hard and smart work ethic in our workplace that translates to our customers as better service and prices than our competition. Take a look at our comprehensive services.
  • Welding 90% 90%
  • Tire Repair & Replacement 95% 95%
  • Air Brakes 95% 95%

Our Work Flow

Call Received to Dispatch

When you call AMPM, a friendly and professional dispatcher will take down information to assess the situation.


After your information is taken down and assessed, an ASE certified mechanic is sent out to fix your truck!

Service Provided

Our trained ASE Certified mechanics will arrive within allotted times to repair your truck. After the repair is completed, the details are electrically stored for review and future reference. We FIX your trucks and get you rolling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about what we do? What our rates are? What areas that we serve? Give us a call today to find out details and schedule a service call!

Check out some of our FAQ’s to the right to find out more.


What kind of clients do you work with?

AMPM Roadservice works with all clients that need mobile truck repair & services big & small. Call us today to schedule a service call!

What is your turn around time for mobile repair?

Our turn around time is usually the same day for most truck & trailer repairs. At AM/PM we realize that time is money, and getting your trucks back in service is the bottom line. Our Trucks FIX Your trucks!

Do you have a shop I can bring my truck to?

Yes! We have a full-service repair shop in Metro Atlanta where we can perform alignments, balancing, engine repair, welding, and a host of other services. Stop by and see us today!


Nathan was great, very helpful and knowledgeable. He was very personable and professional. He did most of the work in the rain, but he got the job done. Thanks man!

Myron Roberson

Micah came out and promptly diagnosed the issue at hotel dirt lot where we were stranded. They got to us in 90 minutes on a Sunday and got us moving so we could unload immediate need equipment. He got the spare starter and muscled through broken bolts and GA heat. On top of that, he was pretty damn informative and courteous. Listen; when you need quality service and you need to get somewhere, what is the cost of that to you? Thank you, Micah, you got us to a project worth $250,000.00. Your service was worth every penny.

Sami Lane

Great, fast and friendly service, Nathan was superb, friendly and he kept me laughing thanks to him I will make it home tonight…

Otis Diggs

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